Supported Organisations

We support 5 particular organisations both financially and in prayer:

1.  Brentwood Schools Christian Worker Trust


The Brentwood Schools Christian Worker Trust was established in 1991 with the aim of bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the schools of Brentwood.  The work of the Trust includes leading assemblies, taking RE and PSHE lessons at every level, setting up and running lunch time and after-school clubs, drop-ins, supporting Christian groups in schools, and , where requested, providing pastoral support for children, parents and staff.

2.  Open Doors

Open Doors has been providing Bibles, Christian literature, training and practical support to the Persecuted Church worldwide since 1955.

3.  The London City Mission  The London City Mission has ministered to the homeless since it was founded in 1835. In 1990 LCM took the LEM under its wing, refurbished the old building’s interior at a cost of £631,000 and augmented the existing four full-time staff members with some of its own missionaries. It is an all-year ministry with, at present, 11 members, plus volunteers, engaged in this vital work of evangelism. In financial terms it costs approximately £51,000 (not including staff salaries) each year to keep going, as over 70 gallons of tea and 500 meals are provided each week. LCM has a special fund to support this ministry.

A substantial breakfast is served Monday to Friday throughout the year and the Centre remains open until midday.  Clothing, practical advice and counsel are readily available, and a nurse from the Health Team for the homeless visits the Centre once a week to give advice and treat minor injuries. Washing and shower rooms are in regular use but above all there is daily input of the Christian Gospel both through Bible talks and personal conversation. Each morning, Monday to Friday, the team meet for prayer.  Missionaries also work on the streets around Waterloo, looking for opportunities to present the Gospel. The fact is In June 2007 the number of households waking up each morning in temporary accommodation was 84 900 with more than three-quarters having dependant children. Much homelessness is hidden and hard to measure and most figures are therefore conservative (Source: Department for Communities and Local Government) And of course, please don’t forget to pray for The London City Mission and this vital work.

4. Tearfund

Tearfund is a Christian relief and development agency working with a global network of local churches to help eradicate poverty.  Their ten year vision is to see 50 million people released from material and spiritual poverty through a worldwide network of 100,000 local churches. We have received our first letter from James Kihuga Karanja, who lives in Kenya, our newly adopted child. James is aged 12, he tells us his parents are called Geofrey and Rachael, his brothers and sisters are: Diana 17, John 15, Ann12, Sophia 9 and George 8. His best friend is called Peter, he likes playing ball games and singing and his favourite food is rice, his favourite colour is blue and he likes the Bible story of David. “Receive greetings from James in Jesus name. He is doing well at school and is happy for us to be his sponsors. He adds may God bless us as we continue to be his friend. He is happy to write and know each other more. He asks us to pray for good weather in Kenya and also for his family.” If anyone else would like to be one of his sponsors £1 per month please have a word with me. Thank you. Please hold him in your prayers and also Mutangana for his safety and that one day he will return to his family. Brenda

5.  The Bible Society


The Bible Society began in 1804 as the British and Foreign Bible Society.  Today our vision of making the Bible heard around the world continues.  With the help of our supporters and churches and a network of over 140 national Bible Societies we share the challenge of fighting Bible poverty.