Like most Church of England churches, Christ Church has regular services of Baptism for babies, young children and adults. While receiving a name at this service, the child is also welcomed into the whole family of God’s children. If you are interested in Baptism, or would like to bring your child for baptism, please contact our Church Administrator, Fiona Townsend, by completing the contact form below.

The Church of England has launched a new website with lots of helpful information about Baptisms:

Also, please note the following:

  • The service includes vows for parents and God-parents to take before God, to nurture the child being baptised and bring them up God’s way. Our vicar, Revd Rob Binks or our pastoral care team leader (in Rob’s absence) will meet with you for a brief half hour informal introduction chat to talk about what baptism means and what will be happening during the service.
  • Parents and if possible God-parents will then need to attend one of our Baptism prep mornings which take place on scheduled Saturday mornings from 10am til 11.30am (refreshments available from 9.45am)
  • Baptisms only take place during scheduled services, usually the 10.30am service on one particular Sunday of the month. They are free of charge when part of our normal Sunday morning service.
  • We can potentially offer a separate Baptism service during the afternoon (generally at 2pm) on another particular Sunday of the month.  There may be a small fee if an organist is required and can generally be a cost of anything between £45 – £60.
  • Please note that you may need to share the Baptism service with one other family, however Rev’d Rob will only ever have 2 families being baptised at the same time.
  • We will do our best to make you and your family feel at home and to enjoy the service. If you have a hymn that is a particular favourite, why not tell Rob when he comes to visit?
  • Car parking is limited so we recommend that you ask guests to be at the church at least 15 minutes early on the day itself.

The church also offers a service called Thanksgiving which is different from a baptism as it is designed to meet the needs of parents who see this as a preliminary to baptism, or who do not wish their children to be baptised immediately.  It can also be for those who do not want a baptism, but who recognize that something wonderful has happened and for which they wish to give thanks to God.

The thanksgiving service provides an opportunity for parents and families to give thanks for the birth, or adoption, of a child(ren) and to pray for family life. It is not the same as a baptism (sometimes called a Christening), which is the sacrament of initiation into membership of the Church, the Body of Christ.