Guides – archived reports

1st Warley Guides Report – October 2013

We have welcomed 9 new members this term and all seem to have settled in and are enjoying the activities.

After a couple of weeks of ‘getting to know you’ and team building activities the girls have been working towards their confectioners badge which meant lots of icing and cakes one week and sweet making the next.  Messy, but fun!

They are also hoping to obtain the Performing Arts badge and with this in mind several of the girls are going to Brentwood Theatre to see GREASE in November as one of the Guides is in the cast.

In September, Penny Walker organised and ran a week-end camp for 6 of the girls in order to gain her Guide Camp Permit.    During the camp the girls decorated masks and then brought them to the Guide meeting to show the rest of the girls.  The weather wasn’t as kind as it might have been, so we did have several tents to get dry afterwards.    Despite this all the girls had an enjoyable time and the Camp Permit was gained.  Well done, Penny, as this was the first for the Unit for many years.

Recently we had an enjoyable evening with 2nd Brentwood Brownies when the activities were planned and organised by the 6 girls working towards their Baden Powell award.  The theme of the evening was “Despicable Me” and the Hall was overrun by both girls and Minions!!

Sylvia Partridge

1st Warley Guides Report – February 2013

On Saturday 2nd February we were lucky enough to attend the Dedication of the new Anglia Region Standard at Ely Cathedral.  The ceremony was led by an old friend of 1st Warley Guides, Anglia Faith advisor, The Reverend Jan Mackenzie and attended by the Chief Guide, Mrs Gill Slocombe and representatives of all 12 counties in the Anglia Region.  It was amazing to be present at such an historic event and meet so many people who had been to the dedication of the first Anglia Standard 30 years ago!

It was a very special occasion for one of our guides too: Alice Keely made her Promise as a Guide for the first time in front of the Essex West County Standard, surrounded by all the other County Standards, right at the front of Ely Cathedral.  Definitely an occasion to remember!

Throughout this term we have welcomed a variety of visitors to our meetings.  An instructor from a local Karate Club taught us some self-defence, David Frankton took us through our First Aid Badges and Guider Linda Harris did a Meeting on a Biscuit!  Guides are well known for liking anything to do with food so this was very popular.  We played a variety of board games with biscuit themes – Iced Gems as counters for Ludo, Jenga with pink wafers, dominos with custard creams and pick-up-sticks with chocolate Mikado sticks.

The meeting ended with designing, making and, of course, eating our own fantastic biscuit creations!

Penny Walker 

1st Warley Guides Report – January 2013

We had a very busy end of term! We made items for our very successful Christmas Bazaar, learnt a new Christmas song for the December All Age Service, sang carols at Brentwood Station with other members of the District and celebrated the end of term with an evening Ten Pin Bowling in Chelmsford.

We are looking forward to the new Term which promises to be just as busy. We will be welcoming some new members, keeping our numbers at a healthy level. There will be a full programme of activities and opportunity to learn new skills, including First Aid, self-defence and craft. In addition to the Anglia Camp in August, we hope to arrange a time away with both camping and indoor accommodation, so everyone will be able to join us, whatever their preference.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all members of Christ Church for their continued support and interest and wish everyone best wishes for 2013.

Sylvia Partridge

1st Warley Guides Report – December 2012

We have welcomed several new members this term and they have settled in very well.  We have had a busy, enjoyable programme including completing the Gingerbread Challenge, arranging an evening with 2nd Brentwood Brownies and a Firework themed evening complete with sparklers.

We have been busy preparing crafts for our Christmas Bazaar on 4th December, learning the Christmas song ready for the All Age Service and looking forward to going bowling on our last meeting before Christmas.

Sylvia Partridge

News from 1st Warley Guides in January 2012

1st Warley Guides Christmas Weekend

Our Christmas weekend was amazing!  We arrived at Chigwell Row campsite at 6 o’ clock on Friday night; the leaders had already set our Holiday House up with Christmas decorations.  We all chose our bunks and greeted each other, after that we split into groups and made six Christmas cards, one as the shape of a robin, another one with two reindeer on, one with decorative Christmas cloth on, one with a Christmas tree on, one with Christmas stickers on and one with a wooden snowman on it.  Once we had made those we started cutting out and gluing together a reindeer bag (designed by me!)  After we had put everything away we had supper, tomato or chicken soup with bread and for afters we had Doc’s special mars bar cake, then we went to bed.

Saturday morning we woke up, got dressed, had breakfast and washed up.  We then started on key ring and angel making, finishing our bags and bead decorations, chocolate log and cake making/decorating and sweets and sugar mice.  We had breaks between each activity with a drink and biscuit also we had lunch after two activities.  We had jacket potatoes and pizza with toppings.

Saturday evening we played a new version of bingo, everyone had a wrapped present and a bingo card in front of them.  Then the leaders started calling out numbers, as soon as someone had got a horizontal line of numbers they called out ‘Christmas!’ and then they get to go round and choose the present they wanted to open, once they have chosen they open it, when the second and so on people get their lines and the game keeps going until the last person has finished their sheet.  It was a hilarious game and we all loved it!  After that we went to bed.

Sunday morning, we woke up and found that a visitor had come in the night-SANTA! After we had opened our stockings we got up, got dressed, had breakfast and washed up.  Then we started packing up our stuff and after that we practised Christmas carols on the hand chimes so we could perform later to our parents.   After that we took a trip up to the Chigwell Row shop, then came back to find that the leaders had set up a magnificent Christmas lunch!   We took off our coats and started to eat afterwards we gave out presents and washed up.   We then set up for the parents, and then when the parents had arrived we played the hand chimes and sang some Carols.   Once we had done that we all said goodbye and went home.

A wonderful weekend and I’m looking forward to the next one.

By Penny Walker

1st Warley Guides


News from 1st Warley Guides in November 2011

24th September was the Unit’s birthday and marked the end of our 90th birthday celebrations.  To mark the day we travelled to London.  Our first adventure was a ride on a London’Duck’, which we had booked just for us.  We started the journey on land and drove past many of the famous landmarks around the city including Buckingham Palace, Westminster and the Savoy hotel.  Then in true  James Bond’s style, we splashed down into the Thames besides the MI6 building for an exciting cruise on the river, going back towards the Houses of Parliament and Westminster bridge, which we had driven over earlier.  It was only when we saw a ‘duck’ going in the opposite direction that we realised just how low in the water we were.  We had a very good tour guide who made the journey even more interesting with many historical facts and figures.

After lunch in St. James’s Park we walked to Buckingham Palace for photo opportunities and then visited Guide headquarters near by. We then travelled by train to Crystal  Palace Park.  Here we visited the Maze that was renovated to mark Guiding’s Centenary last year.  Crystal Palace has a special place in Guiding history as this was where the first girls told Lord Baden Powell that they wanted to join.

The girls quickly found the centre of the maze where we had birthday cake, complete with candles, and sang Happy Birthday to 1st Warley Guides.

After a short rest, we made our way back home.  We had been so lucky with the weather and it was agreed that it had been a very nice day, enjoyed by girls and Leaders alike.

Sylvia Partridge, 1st Warley Guides News from 1st Warley Guides in September 2011

Last year was a very busy one for 1st Warley Guides which started with the celebration of our 90th Birthday in September.  We also completed the centenary celebrations of Girl Guiding UK at 20:10 on 20/10/2010 with an enormous fireworks display at the Orsett Showground.  As well as our usual activities we also went to Alton  Towers and Cadbury World and three girls successfully completed their Baden Powell Challenge Award.

This term we plan to complete our birthday celebrations with a trip to London including the amphibious DUKW Tour alongside other activities.

Towards the end of October we will join the rest of our Guiding District, Brentwood West, in a musical evening at St Martin’s School.  Each unit has chosen a different song from a musical to perform; we have decided on “Super Trouper” from “Mamma Mia”.  The finale will consist of all the units together singing “Any Dream Will Do” from “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat”.

In December we have again planned for a Christmas Weekend at Chigwell Row, which was postponed from last year because of the snow!  This will involve lots of festive activities which are always great fun to do including making chocolate Yule logs, Christmas cards and decorations and a full Christmas Dinner!

Looking ahead to the Spring, we are hoping to camp again and may even be involved in “The Big Sing” to be held in Washington DC,USA.

Penny Walker, 1st Warley Guides

1st Warley Guides 90th birthday celebrations

On Saturday 25th September the Guides welcomed past members and guests for a party in the Christ Church Centre to celebrate the Unit’s 90th Birthday.

Over 100 people attended and had the opportunity to chat, catch up on news, and look at the many displays.

Many past members attended, some I had not seen for many years. It did really make the day special for me, because they had all wanted to come and be part of 1st Warley Guides again. It was lovely too, to have so many of the Brownies present ,as they will be the Unit’s future members.

During the afternoon following some camp-fire singing, Revd Chris Goldsmith led a thanks-giving and re-dedication which included a look back over the past 90 years. For each decade, something relating to that time was read out by members past and present.. Not only Guiding, but the world at large has changed so much in that time.

As it was a birthday, we had a cake of course. The cake was cut for us by two special guests: Betty Crozier who was a member before World War II and Irene Lucke, whose sister had been a Leader many years ago. Everyone who attended the celebration received a special badge designed by Guide Penny Walker.

It really is quite an achievement for a group to have been going continually for such a long time and it has been a privilege and honour to be part of it.

Sylvia Partridge Guide Leader

News in July 2010

On 21st May, 21 members of 1st Warley travelled to the Guide Camp Site at Chigwell Row for a very special event. We were joining about 500 other Guides and Senior Section members from Essex West Guides for our own Centenary Celebration. After setting up camp and a good night’s sleep, Saturday dawned and after a hearty breakfast cooked by Doc and Elizabeth, we were ready for the day!

In the morning we took part in activities based in the area set aside for bouncy castles, gladiator challenge, bungy stretch and the new horse racing inflatable, which proved very popular and great fun. It wasn’t just strength that counted, but being able to stay on your feet! We returned to camp for lunch and a break before getting ready for the afternoons games and activities organised by the ‘It’s A Knockout’ team. The most popular games involved water, as by now it was very hot!

We weren’t part of the winning team but had great fun and enjoyed meeting lots of other Guides. After a short break for a drink and to catch our breath, there was a Treasure Hunt all around the site with sweets as a prize for every team. There was just enough time to return once again to our tents to get into party wear for the Bar B Que and disco. It was marvellous to be part of such a large group in the marquee all having such a good time. All too soon it was 9.30 p.m. and time to return to camp and for the day visitors to make their way home. Getting ready to cut the birthday cake, which was in the shape of a bouncy castle, and to sing “Happy Birthday” to Guiding

On Sunday morning we had made time for an activity – crate stacking – before taking the tents down and preparing for going home. We were so lucky with the weather, probably the best week-end so far this year and every one including those who were camping for the first time, had a really super time and will have memories to last for many years of a very special time celebrating 100 years of Guiding.

Sylvia Partridge

1ST WARLEY GUIDES 90th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION On 25th September, 1st Warley Guides will be holding an ‘Open House’at the Christ Church Centre, Warley Hill. If you, or anyone that you know, has a connection with the Guide Unit we would be delighted if you could join us for the Celebration.

News in May 2010

We have yet again had a very busy and enjoyable year, the Centenary Year for Guiding. We have welcomed several new girls but still have quite a long waiting list.

Last summer we met at the Guide Camping ground for all the summer term. We really enjoyed the out-of-doors cooking, wide games and campfires.

In May we held our annual camp at Chigwell Row- with a circus theme. Completely by chance, there was a visiting circus near by and this added to our activities and helped to make a really enjoyable week.

Other highlights were water zorbing at Thriftwood, the Scout Centre. At a visit to the ice rink in Romford, several girls made their Promise standing on the ice – I, however, stayed on terra firma!!

On 5th September, we joined with around 300 other Brentwood Guides in South Weald Park for a Rally ro mark the Centenary of Guiding.

In the autumn term our centenary activities included a party for 2nd Brentwood Brownies, complete with home made party bags made at Guides the previous week. The rest of the term was spent in crafts, bread making and preparing for our own Christmas Bazaar.

Several girls took part in the final District celebrations by travelling to Colchester Zoo to see Father Christmas. Our last meeting before Christmas was held at IZUMI – a very enjoyable and happy evening.

Since Christmas, the girls have carried out their own choice of activities from a Centenary ‘GO FOR IT’. This involves the girls looking at a series of activities, choosing four different ones, planning when to do each and deciding who will bring the materials needed on each week. This gives the girls a lead in planning our programme and helps them in team work and evaluating what they have done.

In January, we joined 750 others for our special trip on Eurostar to Disney. This was the largest, single group of Guides to travel abroad. We had a fantastic week-end culminating with a show put on by some of the girls on the Disney Fantasy stage: a truly memorable event.

At the Division Thinking Day Service in February, we had tasting exotic fruits, looking at how Fair Trade works and finding out about Guiding around the World. For Mothering Sunday we made cards and painted china plates. We ended the term with a film and popcorn evening.

Sylvia Partridge, Guide Guider

1st Warley Guides trip to Disneyland

As part of Girlguiding’s Centenary and our 90th Anniversary celebrations, 12 members of the Unit joined with over 700 others and set out on Friday 29th January for Disneyland, Paris. Our journey on Eurostar went quite quickly and after a short coach ride we arrived at our Disney hotel.

On Saturday morning we awoke to a covering of snow, which only added to the magic of Disney. We had a fun-filled day of rides and shows, making some time for a bit of shopping before returning to the Hotel for dinner. On Sunday morning we found time for more rides before the very special show on the Fantasyland Stage. Several members of Essex West put on our own show before a very appreciative audience. We also had an exclusive photo shoot with Mickey & Minnie – as you can see below! After lunch, we set out for the return journey.

We were all very tired by the time we reached Ebbsfleet, but we would all have memories to last a lifetime.

Sylvia Partridge

Girlguiding Celebrates 100 Years!

On the 5th September 1909 a few groups of determined girls ‘gate crashed’ the first Boy Scout Rally at Crystal Palace in London and demanded ‘something for the girls’. Just a few months later, the Guide movement was formed.

In an age when skirts were ankle length and young ladies never ran, the idea of girls being involved in camping, hiking and similar activities received a mixed response. Angry critics denounced ‘ girl scouting’ as a ‘mischievous new development’, a ‘foolish and pernicious movement’ and an ‘idiotic sport’.

Baden-Powell’s letters from this time show that he had a scheme in mind for the girls. The pioneers who turned up at the 1909 Crystal Palace rally called themselves Girl Scouts, but when he founded the girls’ movement, Baden-Powell decided that the name should change. He wanted to create a separate identity for the girls so that they could work for self-development independently, not in imitation of their brothers.

In 1910 he formed the Girl Guides, asking his sister Agnes to look after the new organisation. A few years later his wife Olave became involved and, in 1918, was appointed Chief Guide. Such was the enthusiasm for guiding that it soon spread worldwide, and since those early days, millions of girls and women of all ages have made the Guide Promise. Today there are ten million girls and women involved in guiding worldwide.

On Saturday 5th September 2009 Brentwood West District, in conjunction with over 640 events across the country, celebrated the launch of Girlguiding UK’s Centenary. Our celebrations were held in South Weald Park and were attended by over 400 Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Senior Section members. There was something for everyone, with a range of activities from face painting, arts and crafts, speed stacking and bouncy castles. More importantly, the girls also enjoyed activities ranging from tug-of-war, hula-hooping, kite flying and skipping which our predecessors would have enjoyed 100 years ago.


The Girlguiding Centenary is a chance for the guiding family to push boundaries, pick up challenges, live a dream and remind themselves and the wider world what they’re really made of.

Fiona Coleman, Warranted Guider, 1st Warley Brownies


Report for 2008

We have again had a very busy and enjoyable year.Some girls have left and we have been pleased to welcome some new girls keeping our numbers quite high.We do still have a waiting list of several girls.

Activities during the first half of the summer term included working on the County Chocolate Challenge. This included many activities and not just eating it.As part of the Challenge we had to compile a scrapbook of our activities for a competition.This carried on into the autumn term.The girls also worked on badges and other activities.

The second half of the summer term was spent making the most of the out-of-doors including a treasure hunt around Brentwood, cooking at the local camp-site, an evening in Thorndon Park and a picnic in South Weald.


During the autumn term we explored crafts using ‘autumn materials and made bread.In November we spent a week-end in London, staying at the Guide World Centre called Pax Lodge.We visited London Dungeons and Madame Tussaud’s on Saturday and went for a river trip and lunch at Planet Hollywood on Sunday.During out travels around London, we took photos at different underground stations to spell out ‘chocolate’ – all part of the challenge.All this effort proved very worthwhile, as we won the Guide Section for the best scrapbook.

We were also very successful in the Division Handicraft Competition and won the Guide Shield for most points. The Guides worked very hard both at Guide meetings and at home to produce some very high quality items.


During the Autumn term we helped at the Church Christmas Bazaar and held a successful evening ourselves.We finished the term with an evening at TIMBUK2

Since Christmas, we have looked at the International side of Guiding, including an African themed evening to celebrate World Thinking Day with other Guides, Brownies and Rainbows in the District. We made cards, gifts and gift bags for Mothering Sunday, enjoyed a musical evening using boomwhackers and made Easter chicks and edible nests.


Our last meeting of the Spring Term was very special when the four girls who had been working very hard towards their Baden Powell Challenge – the highest award they can achieve – were presented with their Awards by the Division Commissioner in front of Parents and invited guests.We congratulate Rachael Franklin, NinaHumphries, Hannah Keely and Sophie Sutherland-Harper on their Awards.

The summer term will again be busy with girls taking part in local and Regional events.We will also be looking forward to our next big adventure – a visit to Hong Kong in October.

—————————————————————— (21st June) In the lead up to the Girlguiding centenary in 2010, every Rainbow, Brownie and Guide, is being challenged to “Change the World” in which we live by raising both awareness and funds for leading national and local charities. The “Change the World” project is designed to give all girls a chance to take part in meaningful community action through fund and exciting activities.

1st Warley Brownies has chosen a number of charities to support through 2009, which include the Willow Foundation.

The Willow Foundation is a national charity that funds and organises special day experiences for seriously ill young adults aged between 16 and 40 years of age. In its 10th year, the Foundation is running its annual June campaign “Piece of Cake”. Organisations and individuals are encouraged to hold tea parties to sell cakes in order to raise funds which are donated to the Foundation.

The 1st Warley Brownies thoroughly enjoy participating in the Family Services at Christ Church, especially when providing and serving the refreshments. They even love the washing up! So, I felt it would be a great idea to marry the two events together at our Family Service on 14th June 2009.

Christ Church, Warley, Brentwood